— June 17, 2022
Development update
Not so bad for 5 months. To be continued..
  • Prescribed the plot of the game for 17 levels
  • The concepts of the main characters have been worked out
  • Found a solution to avoid frame rate drops during gameplay. It was really difficult - but now we have a stable 90FPS, which makes the picture very solid and smooth.
  • Draw cool graphics 8 levels (you'll really enjoy it, you'll see)
  • Make the first 6 levels playable.
And it seems that we are doing very well. What has been done so far:
  • Make graphics that you want to enjoy.
  • Work out the plot of the game, which will be perceived as a whole story that you want to know to the end
  • Choose game mechanics
While working on the concept of the game, we decided to focus on a few key points:
Almost 5 months have passed since the start of the development of our game Undead Quest.
Hi all!
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